Landing page builder? This is 9 Reasons why I almost give 5 stars to Instapage.

Admit it. Its not easy to find great landing pages builder.

But Adam Connell has used one of landing pages builder.

Its called Instapage. Based on his in depth reviews (from his blog), we can conclude that there are at least 9 reasons why he like Instapage and give almost 5 stars for this web-based software.

1. Simple to use and have great editing visual.

“The app is simple to use and you get a good level of customization within the visual editor.

It shows you exactly how the page will look as you’re editing, but you do have a preview option too.

Some elements weren’t so straight forward to edit, but for the most part the process is very easy to get to grips with.”

2. Great selection of templates and can be edited to fit almost any purpose.

I like the balance between speed of editing and level of customization that Instapage has. It’s a difficult balance to get right.

There are quite a few options within the visual editor and I like that you have the ability to add new elements rather than just editing existing elements.

You’ll find a great selection of templates and because of the level of customization, a lot of them which you may think initially aren’t suitable, can be edited to fit almost any purpose.

Or you could always start with a blank page and create your own.

(And there is more than 99 templates you can choose from)

3. You will get important data to improve your landing pages conversion.

I like that there is a feature allowing you to import pages built by other tools. Even though it’s in beta, I’ve had some good results with it.

The analytics functionality is great, there’s no fluff included. No confusion about which data is important or which reports to pull out – there’s only what you need to know.

And the fact that you can monitor the leads your pages are capturing, then export these to a CSV file is very handy.

4. Free trial gives you more flexibility and time before you make decision.

You get the option to take a 14 day free trial which makes it easy for you to figure out if this landing page tool will meet your needs.

I’m not keen on the focus on annual payment plans, but considering how much more you get versus the old monthly plans which had traffic limitations – this is far better.

5. Easy to use drag and drop functionality.

Live editor provides straight forward drag & drop functionality for advanced customization.

6. Connect more than 1 email marketing service provider accounts (Aweber, MailChimp and more).

You can connect multiple accounts from the same email provider, e.g. 2 MailChimp accounts.

7. Download all your customers email addresses via CSV file.

You can download a CSV file of all of the email addresses you have collected as well as getting notifications for when new email addresses are collected.

8. Total flexibility when created your landing pages..

Visual editor has undo / redo functionality so you can easily correct any mistakes.

9. Mobile version is automatically ready for you.

Mobile versions of your pages can be edited specifically for mobile users, rather than relying on an auto responsive version.

Register your Instapage account and get 14 day free trial today.

Thank you Adam Connell for your in depth reviews on Instapage. If you want to use it, you can grab their free 14 day trial offer today.

Feel free to use it in any ways you want before you make any decision. The monthly price is quite reasonable but it will have limited features.

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