My 4 steps formula to find high converting dropship products on Ali Express in less than 20 minutes, and sell a minimum of 100 units a month?

In Dropship Lab video courses, I help people like you to understand the basic how to build a small (and profitable) dropship business using both Facebook Ads and Ali Express.

In this post, I’m going to share how I personally choose products on Ali Express, and make decision whether to sell the product on Facebook or not.

Here’s probably the results you will get, if you do this 3 steps formula:

+ It will took less than 20 minutes to find at least 5 products that can easily sell for 100 units within a month.

+ 100 units x $10 profits = $1,000 a month.

+ This is the formula we’ve used to sell at least 3,000+ units of products from Ali Express in less than 3 weeks.


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Here’s what you can do:

Step 1 – Avoid any gadgets related products.

Gadgets are cheap and have profitable margins.

You can sell earphones for $19 and it will cost you only $0.99.

Thats a huge profit you can make, right?

However, based on our experience selling gadget related products, 70% of the products does not provide a high quality material for our customers.

Which you will face these risks: Refunds or product damage.

Step 2 – Go to ‘best-selling’

You want to find product that is easy to sell on Facebook?

Click on bestselling categories on Ali Express and you will get lots of product ideas.

How do I choose which product to sell?

1. The product is for female.

2. Cost me less than $10 so that I can charge a minimum of $19.99 (plus shipping).

3. Its not too heavy or fragile.

For example, I will choose this product since it fits with my basic requirement:

Step 3 – Use feedback to get marketing ideas.

The easiest way to sell on Facebook is using story.

Specifically, your customer success stories.

People tend to make faster buying decision when they see feedbacks from previous customers.

For example, if I choose the product on step 2, I will use one of these customer feedback:

Step 4 – Spend $5 per day on Facebook Ads, and wait for 3 days.

Spending money on Facebook Ads can be a disaster. Especially when you don’t have lots of money.

My simple advice: Spend as little as you can. But you must spend the money on advertising anyway.

Let me break help to break it down for you:

1. Spend minimum of $5 on Facebook Ads for top tier country such as:

+ United States of America.

+ United Kingdom.

2. Wait for 3 days and analyze the results.

In Facebook Ads, separate your ads into:

+ 2 different adset that use the same targeting (eg: all four adset using this same setting: 25 – 45 years old, female, United States of America, Facebook Newsfeed (Mobile and Desktop only))

Note: The setting above is just for example only.

+ Each adset, test with 1 ads only. Which means you will need to have at least 2 different ads (change both headline and visual) running with seperate adset with the same setting.

+ Duplicate this adset to each countries you want to promote.

3. If you don’t make any sales within 3 days, you don’t lose money. Its the cost of learning about the market.

Its normal if you don’t make positive result. Its all about learning and experiencing the process.

Here are few actions you can take after getting the results within 3 days:

+ If you got no sales: Change the product. And then run the same ads setting.

+ If you have a few sales (but zero profits): Change the ads and adjust the targetting.

+ If your campaign are profitable, try to scale up by spending 2 times higher than you usually spend. In this case, you should spend $10 per day on Facebook Ads.

Please take note that this step by step action plan is not suitable for all products on Ali Express.

The ultimate key is to keep experiment and learning your customer behaviour.

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