The 30-minute and 30-second formula – How to choose at least 2 products which helps us to sell 1,000 units dropship products in 60 days?

In essence, this post is written based on the description elaborated in module 1 of Dropship Lab.

This is all about one of my partners, Jonathan.

It is all about how did he:

“Succeed in identifying what sorts of products to be sold easily at least 1,000 units in 60 days’ time or even less?

The following unwinds the tips which only take 30 minutes and 30 seconds to be done for you to identify an easy-to- sell product.

In the first 30 seconds?

Get rid of any mentality to sell any highly risky products such as:

Gadgets or technological products.

(Though they seem to be easy-to- sell, but the risk of defect is somehow high).

Artificial or fake products.

(Well, everybody knows what risk it could bring, right?)

In the next 15 minutes?

Get into Ali Express website and apply the formula mentioned in module 1 to identify the products which could be easily sold.

Well, there is really no need to learn the complicated ways of identifying an easy-to- sell product.

As long as we can understand what kind of elements could draw human into
purchasing, then that would be enough. Don’t worry, be happy!

On top of that, in module 1, you would get the grasp of the shortcuts to identify a product that is easy-to- sell on Facebook.

Feedback system in Ali Express is listed as one of them.

In another 15 minutes?

Do not be in such a hurry to sell. Take your time to create a list of your chosen products (based on module 1).

For example:

Product A – Cost $X – Suggested selling price: $Y.

Product B – Cost $X – Suggested selling price: $Y.

Product C – Cost $X – Suggested selling price: $Y.

Do list out no less than 2 different products so that you may experiment a lot more
advertising campaigns.

The (most crucial) golden tip?

In 30 minutes’ time, you would possibly be able to figure out a product that could be easily sold on Facebook.

In spite of that, here is 1 most important tip for you to take note:

“Know who your targeted customers are. Know to whom you want to sell.”

It would be best to choose these 2 segments:

1. Sell to women.

2. Sell to those who are immersed into certain hobbies or interests (movie, and etc.).

So, do you learn something from this post?

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