He was a drug addict once. But now he make millions. His 7 tips can change your life now.

I’m a big fan of Grant Cardone.

If you watch his Youtube, his Facebook Live, I think you will understand how much I adore his attitude and his sales skills.

I came across one person who has read one of his book through Amazon reviews called:

Be Obssesed or Be Average.”.

His name is Leif Arnesen.

7 Tips that can change your life almost immediately.

He have listened to hundreds of audiobooks. Grant is by far the best narrator he have ever listened to. Period. And this is his best book yet…which is quite a statement.

Here are the things he love about Be Obsessed or Be Average:

1) Learning more about his personal story of his battle with drug addiction.

2) His attitude and the way he tells everything it like it is.

He wants everyone to know him, but he’s not out to win a popularity contest. I seriously respect him for his no-BS attitude.

Here are the 7 main takeaways he got from Be Obsessed or Be Average:

1) There is no one thing in life that you should be obsessed about.

Be obsessed with EVERYTHING! Be OBSESSED with being an incredible son/daughter/mother/father/brother/sister/friend/etc. Be OBSESSED with being a rockstar entrepreneur, salesman, or whatever your career path might be.

Be OBSESSED with achieving your ideal physique. Be OBSESSED with amassing a monstrous net worth for your family and to pursue opportunities to help others.

Be OBSESSED with giving back to your family, your community, and the world! Be OBSESSED with learning to cook, play guitar, sing, dance, and improve yourself every day.

2) Don’t simply love yourself the way you are.

Be grateful for life and the limitless opportunities around you, but don’t settle.

Be grateful, but don’t be content.

As Leif Arnesen like to say,


3) Keep it simple stupid.

The people who do nothing often get complex first.

For example, Grant says that he was at first skeptical about social media, but then learned a bit about it, realized its potential, and then dove in head first with MASSIVE ACTION while his competition was asking “How do you calculate the ROI of social media?”

Stupid question…keep it simple and favor action. Planning is great, but “preparation” too often becomes procrastination.

4) Comfort is your biggest threat in today’s economy.

Being out at sea is safer than hiding in the harbor.

5) You can re-create yourself anywhere.

Moving to a new city or town is an opportunity for monster personal growth.

6) Over-promise and over-deliver.

Grant says this all the time and the phrase is a game changer.

Go all in… every time.

“Under-promise and over-deliver” is a phrase for under achievers.

As Grant says in The 10X Rule,

“Imagine that the products and services we’re so often temped to buy used ‘average’ in their advertising: ’This fairly average product can be found at an average price and delivers mediocre results.’

Who would buy such a product?

People certainly don’t go out of their way to find and pay for run-of-the-mill merchandise.”

Promise big results and deliver at an even higher level.

7) You have permission to be obssesed.

There is nothing wrong with being obsessed.

Anyone who pushes beyond average will face ridicule from society. If you’ve got 10 haters, let’s make it 20.

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