6 Steps to sell dropshipping products up to 1,000+ units in 60 days?

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Now I will share with you how my partner, Jonathan planned (and sprang into action) in the first initial phase to sell products by drop-shipping overseas.

This is based on his case study of selling 3 feminine products by drop-shipping and he managed to generate gross sales $55,000 in 60 days’ time.

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The 6 steps you need to do are as follows:

Step 1 – 80% of success comes from how you pick the winners a.k.a products

Understand the basic (and extremely critical) formula in choosing an easy-to- sell product.

No need to follow trends. No need to do a detailed research that you become stressful because of it.

Why bother to be serious, when we can do it the fun way?

It is more than enough to understand the basic psychology of how human make a decision in purchasing.

Step 2 – Advertise using this method. It will surely be easy as ABC!

Keep in mind to never be selfish.

Never be self-delusive in advertising. The moment we create advertisements without studying who the customers are, that would bring no other than a riddle.

We don’t want to be riddling in writing an advertisement.

In the module 5 of Dropship Lab video, we show you the step-by- step tips of how to create an advertisement the right way.

Step 3 – Make you first sale using low risk ads spending strategy

It is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars just to create a website.

Advertise right away using Facebook Page Post Engagement. If no sales could be generate from manual method, then dream on to gain any through website.

In the first phase, set a target to make sales of 5 units of products per day.

Kick off the advertising budget with USD5 first for 3 consecutive days.

Step 4 – What should you test on Facebook Ads?

In the many advertising elements, what needs to be tested?

The answer is: Visual.

Experiment 2 to 6 varied photos or videos for each advertisement.

Step 5 – How to expand sales 2 times higher?

When you succeed in making sales through advertisements, do not rush into increasing the advertising budget in hopes that sales would come in scrambling.

The calculation is not that simple.

Keep hold of your burning desire. Observe the results for 3 consecutive days. Count the average advertising budget, the total number of prospects and the total sales made.

If the outcome is positive, increase the budget by the multiplication of 2 only. Then
experiment again for two days straight.

Step 6 – What to do if the your ads campaign fails?

If we have properly chosen our products based on the tips mentioned in module 1 of Dropship Lab, then most probably we do not make any mistakes in product choosing.

The failure could stem from our marketing campaigns which unsuccessfully attract the right people.

In the case where we fully spend $50 to $100 just to find out which of the
advertisements would be effective, that is basically a normal situation.

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